01- Select Photos & Videos / iOS

Tap on the + button to start creating your video.
Select your elements: it can be PHOTOS, LIVE PHOTOS and/or VIDEO CLIPS. 
Quik only supports Video Timelapses not Photos Timelapses.
You need to select at least 5 photos or 1 video clip and you can select up to 200 elements. Keep in mind that the more medias you add the longer the video will take to export.

Supported formats:

  • Photos: JPEG, PNG, WEBP, GIF remain static, not animated
  • Video clips: MOV, MP4, H264

You can choose from 3 tabs: Photos, GoPro+ and GoPro Recent (footage from GoProApp)  

To quickly view an element, long press on it. 

When you select videos to import, you can add HILIGHTS, to tell Quik where the best moments in your video are.
For each HiLight, Quik will cut the perfect clip around that moment.

When you're ready tap ADD in the top right corner.

The medias chosen will be analyzed and put into your video. If the medias are locally on your device it will be quite fast, however if there are located on the Cloud, it will take longer and you'll need a good internet connection. 
Once your medias are downloaded, the PREVIEW of your video will start. Depending on the number of items you selected it can take more or less time to generate the preview.

Keep in mindThe video is created by the device itself, not by a machine on a distant server. The magic happens in your iPhone/iPad, but magic needs a little power so basically the less powerful your device is, the less magic it makes...

About 4K footage:
- iPhone 4K footage is supported only on iPhone 6S and 6S+ / iPhone 7 and 7+ / iPad Pro 
- GoPro 4k30 footage is supported only on iPad Pro