03- Edit your video / Android

While your video preview is playing you can switch to the EDIT VIEW: tap the PENCIL icon or anywhere on the preview.

In the EDIT VIEW you will see your TIMELINE, it is fully synchronized with the video preview. 
Simply drag and drop texts, photos and videos to reorder or delete them. You can also remove the GoPro/Quik Outro.

In EDIT VIEW you have several options:
- Play/Pause: let the preview of our video play or not
- Loop on/off: let the preview of your video loop on one element or keep playing the full video
- Sound on/off: activate or deactivate the sound of the preview
- Undo/Redo: if you make a mistake you can now quickly fix it


  • Add photos/video clips
  • Add text slides (text alone) and text overlays (text on a photo/video)


  • Edit text
  • Choose duration: extended / normal / short
  • Delete
  • Duplicate 


  • Add text overlays
  • Layout: Fill the screen or fit in the screen
  • Rotate
  • Choose a point of focus: this is particularly useful for portrait pictures
  • Choose duration: extended / normal / short
  • Delete
  • Duplicate 


  • Add text overlays
  • Add/Edit HiLights
  • Trim: 
    • Move the sliders on the right and on the left to trim
    • Play clip fully: uncheck the option «Smart Cuts» and the video clip will be played in full
  • Activate the sound: off / mixed with music / boost. By default on most of your videos the sound isn't activated.  
    However Quik can automatically turn on the audio for videos in which it detects voices.
  • Speedometer
  • Layout: Fill the screen or fit in the screen
  • Rotate
  • Crop: if your video clips don’t show the right parts, directly move the video up and down (if it’s a portrait and you're in cinema mode) or left and right (if it’s a landscape and you're in square mode) 
  • Split your video clip into two separate clips
  • Delete