How do HiLights work?

When you select videos to import, you can add HiLights, to tell Quik where the best moments in your video are. For each HiLight, Quik will cut the perfect clip around that moment.
Note that: you don't set up a beginning or an end, you set up a point of interest and Quik takes a clip around that point. 

Quik will show a portion of your video containing your HiLight, the length of this clip may vary:
- Minimum: 0.5 sec   
- Optimal: 2 sec 
- Maximum: 4 sec 
The length will depend on many parameters such as, number and position of HiLights in the clip, global video duration and other factors...
The HiLight isn't necessarily in the middle of the video clip (so it's not exactly 0,25 before and after / 1 sec before and after / 2 secs before and after). 
If you put many HiLights next to each other it's possible that we merged them together.
Quik also tried to synchronize the video cuts between the rushs on a music beat or a change in the song.

HiLights can be added during media selection
During the preview of your video, you can add new ones, edit / remove existing ones.