02- Choose a video style / iOS

The first icon under the preview is to choose a VIDEO STYLE, there are lots of them with lots of different effects!
Try them out and find the one that best fits what you're looking for.

The way your images and video clips are shown will depend on the video style you choose, they all have a different look & feel, different graphics, effects, fonts, filters, transitions, different ways of displaying your medias.

Some video styles show the pictures in full, others crop them a bit and apply a light zoom and pan effect

  • Styles showing pictures in full: 
    Boxed, Slice, StopMo, Flick, Raw, Tinted, Toss, Type, Mingle, Snappy, Bold, Sharp, Swell, Serene,  
  • Styles applying zoom and pan effect: 
    Grammy, Action, Dandy, Lapse, Over, Epic, Light, Dashing, Tender, Radical, Fold, Jolly, Sunny, Flurry, Merry, Abloom  

You have the possibility for each photo and videos to have them  FIT the screen or FILL the screen:
tap on the pencil icon to go to the EDIT VIEW and tap on the FIT option to change its layout.

Some video styles add effects to your LIVE PHOTOS: a short freeze, a black & white or a flash effect.
Look for the Live Photos icon in the top left corner of the video style.

Each video style has several VARIATIONS: this gives you the possibility to "TUNE" your video style. 
You can change variations by taping on the SLIDERS of the selected video style.
Create your own personal variation by mixing independently fonts and graphics
Have a look at the variation icon it tells you the colors, graphics and font types that will be applied to your video style.

Warning: Light and Stopmo are "demanding" styles, they are not available on iPhone 4S, iPad Mini 1, iPad 3rd generation.