06- Choose Video Options / iOS

The fourth icon, the little wrench under the preview gives you more VIDEO OPTIONS

- Cinema 16/9 format 
- Square 1/1 format 
- Portrait

This will adapt the global duration of your video. This feature does not accelerate or slow down video clips it just changes the timing of how fast elements are displayed one after the other.

Quik suggests several durations: - Instagram duration
- Quik auto duration
- Great music ending (2 choices)
- Maximum duration (= music duration) 

It can help you match your video's length with your music.
Your  video ends with the music. However the last element isn't cut with the end of the music, we let it be displayed. So if the last element is a video clip, we let it play until the end and you will have the video clip and no music in the background. Same thing you will probably have 2 or 3 photos playing without music at the end of your video.
Another point about pace: Quik works with the music so if the music you choose is fast then your movie will be fast too. So another way of adapting the pace of your video is to change the music.

Simply drag the audio waveform to the left to change where the music begins.


Enhance your footage with 20 filters to fit any adventure or scene. + Adjust the filter's intensity for the perfect effect. 

  • Beach: Keel, Waimea, Vibe, Soleil
  • Indoor: Nola, Grotto, Vegas, Asana
  • Snow: Blue Bird, Aspen, Luge
  • Urban: Rooftop, Graffiti, Grind
  • Vegetation: Zipline, Sequoia, Vail, Na Pali
  • Water: Gili, Ibiza