How to combine my Quik Stories?

Want to create a special Quik video? You can combine several videos into one so that you can have more than one template/style in your video!

    • Make a video A to your camera roll
    • Make a video B export this video as well to your camera roll
    • Create a third video: select video A and video B
    • For each individual video in the timeline choose the option MANUAL (so your video is played in full)
    • Make sure that you choose the NO MUSIC option (Music Panel to the far right)

What's great with this technique is that you can make a video that combines 2 musics and 2 different styles. 
Best is to use RAW to stitch the videos together so you are sure that there are no effects on top of the other effets.
You can make 3, 4, 5 little Quik videos and combine them all that way.