My video doesn't show all media

Your video duration is limited by the duration of your music so if the music is over before all medias have been shown, you won't see all your assets in your video.

Some things you can do to prevent this:

  • Change the music: 

The video is limited to the length of the music. So if you don't see all of your medias it's because your music is too short. Right now the feature to have more than one song isn’t available but it’s something we have on our to-do list, see  here for a work-around.

  • Change video style: 

Some video styles are best to show lots of pictures in little time: typically this is a job that Snappy does pretty well! Whereas a style like Swell will be a little slower to display picture since it has more animations.

  • Delete the music: 

If you remove the background music completely, then, well no more limitation due to the music!

If the issue is that your videos are not shown in full please check this article