I don't see the photos in full

Some video styles show the pictures in full, others crop them a bit and apply a light zoom and pan effect.

Styles showing pictures in full:
Boxed, Slice, StopMo*, Flick, Raw, Tinted, Toss*, Type, Mingle, Snappy*, Bold, Sharp, Swell, Serene, 
Styles applying zoom and pan effect:
Grammy, Action, Dandy, Lapse, Over, Epic, Light*, Dashing, Tender, Radical, Fold, Jolly, Sunny, Flurry, Merry, Abloom 

This can be a bit of a problem when you use portrait pictures. But you have two possibilities to help you with that.

  • Tap on the PENCIL icon during the preview to open the EDIT VIEW
  • Tap on FOCUS: change the focus point of your photo.
  • Tap on FIT (iOS) / LAYOUT (Android): have your photos and videos either fit the screen or fill the screen

Note that you can also recenter your videos clips.
Tap on your video clip, tap on TRIM (QUIK iOS) / CROP (QUIK ANDROID) icon and there you can directly move the video:
- up and down if it’s a portrait video and you are in cinema or square mode
- left and right if it’s a landscape video and you are in square mode

* styles not available on QUIK ANDROID