05- Choose Video Options / Android

The fourth icon, the SLIDERS, will give you access to more options for your videosVideo duration: This will adapt the global duration of your video. It does not accelerate or slow down video clips it just changes the timing of how fast elements are displayed one after the other.

  • Quik suggests several duration:
    - Instagram duration
    - Quik auto duration
    - Great music ending (2 choices)
    - Maximum duration (= music duration) 
    It can help you match your video's length with your music.

  • Format: choose either Cinema 16:9, Square 1:1 or Portrait
  • Music start: to change the starting point of your music track
  • Filters: 20 filters for all your adventures
    • Beach: Keel, Waimea, Vibe, Soleil
    • Indoor: Nola, Grotto, Vegas, Asana
    • Snow: Blue Bird, Aspen, Luge
    • Urban: Rooftop, Graffiti, Grind
    • Vegetation: Zipline, Sequoia, Vail, Na Pali
    • Water: Gili, Ibiza
  • Palette: this is for the graphical effects in your video. It also represents the style of your text background.
  • Font: for your captions and titles
  • Outro: to activate or deactivate it