06- Save & Share your video / Android

Once you’ve previewed your video you can SHARE it and SAVE it: tap on the "save" button on the bottom right corner.

This list will show apps that are installed on your device. This will upload your video to our servers and post a link with your video. Here's an example of the apps you could see:

The link of your video is private and encrypted it cannot be found via a Google search. With this GoPro link you can download your video (.mp4) on your computer, click on the "..." at the bottom right corner to find the download option.

If you have GoPro Plus: your QuikStories can be found among your media as well as in the Shared Links Tab. 

If you delete your video from the Quik Home screen, this will delete it from its online video page as well.

We recommend that you always save all videos to your device, they will never be lost.
Do so by tapping on "Save without sharing". If you take the videos directly from your device you will get a  .mp4


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