I don't see my full video clip

Wondering why you don't see your full video clip ? Wondering what Smart Cuts are?
When you add a video clip Quik does its little magic: it will only take some fragments of it, they are called Smart Cuts.

There are several option for Smart Cuts. To see them, tap on the preview, in the EDIT VIEW, tap on the "scissors" icon.
To see your video clip in full choose the MANUAL option.

Here are the Smart Cuts options:

  • BALANCED: Quik picks the best clips from your video, within your selected range.
  • MANUAL: Trim your video, not cut.
  • ACTION: Quik looks for speed and jumps in your video (HERO5 Black or above)
  • TRAVEL: Quik looks for panoramic shots (slow pans) in your video (HERO5 Blackor above)
  • PEOPLE: Quik looks for faces (HERO6 Black) and smiles (HERO7 Black)
  • HILIGHTS ONLY: Quik only plays existing HiLights. Go in HiLight panel to set them.When choosing a category you may see some badges appear, they tell you what Quik has detected