How to connect my Quik Key?


  1. Put your SD-card into the Quik Key
  2. Plug your Quik Key into your Android device
  3. Tap on "Start Pairing"
  4. Tap on your GoPro SD-Card
  5. Tap on "Select" on the bottom right corner
  6. All assets from your SD-Card are then ready to be selected in Quik

If you don't see your SD-Card it because it isn't recognized which means that it doesn't have to correct format.
You will need to first go into your Phone Settings / Storage & USB / Choose the SD-Card and format it.
WARNING : formatting the SD-Card will fully erase its content!!! So make sure that you back up all files on the SD-Card first.
This formatting has to be done so that next time the SD-Card is correctly recognized.

Be aware that if you start making a Quik video with all assets on the Quik Key then you need to have the Quik Key plugged in the whole time. Same thing if you want to continue your draft or to duplicate and edit a projet. If the Quik Key isn't plugged in then Quik cannot find the elements and cannot make your video.


Not yet available but on the to-do!