How does the Speedometer work?

To display the speedometer on your video clips you need to do the followings:

  • GPS only works with HERO5 BLACK / HERO6 BLACK
  • Activate GPS on your HERO5 / HERO6 in "Preferences" / "Regional"
  • When filming, make sure the GPS is locked: the GPS icon becomes white when it's locked, if it's grey it means GPS tracking isn't working yet.
  • Download assets to your phone via the GoPro App - other ways of adding the videos to your device may lose GPS data because of transcoding.
  • On ANDROID you can also use the Quik Key
  • Go in the Edit View, tap on the video clip, activate the "Speedometer" option
  • If you get this message “GPS data too inconsistent” it means that the GPS lock was working during only 0 to 10% of the video duration so it's not possible to display speed because we don't have enough data
  • Depending on your region/country you will see x/kmph or x/mph. You can check/change your unit 
    • IOS: 'Settings / General / Language & Region / Region Formats'.
    • ANDROID: change the language of your phone