How to add more than one song?

It's currently not possible to do this. The maximum duration of your video is the duration of your music track.

  1. Queue up songs
  2. work-around would be to use audio software on your computer to queue up two or more songs, one after another, in a single MP3 file, and using that file for your Quik video. For our Mac users  GarageBand will do the trick, for Windows, Mac and Linux you can try  Audacity. You can find other tools  here.

  3. Work with chapters
  4. Another solution that we also recommend to our users is to create several videos or we can call these " chapters", one for each music and to combine them.
    • Make a video A with music A and export it to your camera roll
    • Make a video B with music B and export this video as well to your camera roll
    • Create a third video: select video A and video B
    • Choose video style RAW
    • For each individual video in the timeline choose the option MANUAL (so your video is played in full)
    • Make sure that you choose the NO MUSIC option (Music Panel to the far right)