The app crashes!

We are sorry if you are experiencing crashes... 
When the app crashes, reopening it should restart the preview so your movie isn't lost and you can keep on making your video or start the export again.

Here some info:

  • When you choose any sharing options what happens is the following:
    • from 0% to 50% the video is being generated/created
    • from 50% to 100% the video is being uploaded to Quik
  • When you choose only the option "save to photo library":
    • from 0% do 100% the video is being generated/created

Depending on the saving/sharing options you choose: you know when the app crashes if the issue is for the generation of the video or the upload. Best would be to just choose "save to library", then you can go back again and share it again to make the upload later on.

What to do in case of crashes:

  • Check Quik & OS versions, update if necessary/possible
  • Change the video style 
  • Modify a little something in your project 
  • Pause the preview to let it load 
  • Kill the app, reopen it, start export again
  • Free up memory by closing all other apps 
  • Free up space on your device (if the app crashes at 100% by a "save to photos" it's probably because you don't have enough space)
  • Reboot your device
  • Make your video a bit shorter  
  • Last resort: try to make a clean install BUT be aware that your videos in Quik App will be deleted so make sure you save them to your camera roll first. However know that videos uploaded online are still there. Clean install can help, especially after an update.

Why does Quik crash on iOS or Android:

  • The app having trouble processing one of the photos or videos you've imported in the project. 
  • The app is experiencing memory pressure crash: your device is probably not powerful enough. Remember that the video is created by the device itself, not by a machine on a distant server. Quik is a demanding app, basically the less powerful your device is, the more it may crash.  
  • We do our best to ensure that Quik works on every device but this is nearly impossible due to the nature of the Android OS. Android is a fragmented operating system with a myriad of devices running different hardware and software specs. These inconsistencies make it extremely difficult to ensure that the app will work flawlessly on every device.
  • Android Custom ROM are not supported.
  • Other crash due to bugs: those crashes can be reproduced easily and every time by following a step-by-step process.

On iPhone 4 and iPad 3 the limit is 25 elements because both devices are not powerful enough to generate bigger videos.

For every crash you experience, we get a crash report to correct the bad bug behind them! We update Quik regularly, so we hope that you can be patient...
If you do have a recurring crash that you can report us with a step-by-step process, don't hesitate to share it with us via the contact form in Quik.