What about licensing rights?

May I use the videos created by Quik for a personal blog? Commercial/promotional use? Educational use?

> Yes as long as you have the rights for the medias and the musics that you are using in your videos.

As for the music library in Quik, we pay copyrights so that our users can have those songs in their videos.
However be aware if you share the video on social networks if may not be that simple since Facebook / YouTube / Instagram don't support individual licences.

Facebook / Instagram have a very binary way to detect copyright materials: if you upload your video and used a copyrighted music that they have on their list (even if it's from Quik, even if you've bought it) then Facebook / Instagram will remove your video. You will need to appeal to get your video back - only if you are using Quik's musics.

With YouTube it's a bit different. They do not take down your video but they put ads on it. The problem is that YouTube does not support individual licences so it does not recognize the licenses we issue to our users. They have a manual system: the user disputes the claim and the claim has to be released manually so that the ads is removed. Jamendo do not have employees that can take care of releasing claims everyday, it's simply not feasible. 

To avoid this issue: you can try to simply  copy and paste the link of your video: for that choose Share via Email sent to yourself so you will receive the Quik link of your video. Sharing your video as a link will work / uploading it as a file may not.