10 things you must know to make the PERFECT Quik video

  1. Choose wiselySelect photos as well as video clips, it will look ten times better, more vibrant, more action, more fun! Most importantly alternate between images and clips.
  2. Film like a pro: Turn your iPhone, film in landscape mode as much as possible, you don't watch movies on your TV in portrait, do you? Choose various angles when you shoot, make short takes.
  3. Focus on the right parts: Choose a point of focus for your photos and recenter your video clips
  4. Be creative with your video clips: Let Quik do the cuts for you or choose to play them fully, duplicate them and trim them at different points, turn the sound on or off, it's up to you.
  5. Explore: Of course first explore the many choices you have with the video styles, that's one thing. Notice the sliders on the video style, hit that button and go crazy, this will open up new possibilities. Each variation has a new set of graphics, filter and font so make sure you try them all!
  6. Music or not music: Quik brings you a short selection of music but you can add your own or remove the music completely. You can even go the extra mile by choosing the starting point of your music.
  7. The perfect story: Captivate your audience, it starts by naming your video, it's a must-have. Add text slides and text captions but do not overdo it because people don't like to read too much when watching a video. 
  8. To the point: Sometimes a 15 sec video brings out a lot more than a 5 min video so you need to find the right balance. You can use the global pace tool to help you with that, also the right video style. For example Snappy can display lots of pictures very fast.
  9. Combine videos: Want different moods in your video? Create several videos with different musics and combine them into one big video that has several chapters in it.
  10. Always make it better: There's always room for improvement, once the video has been exported and shared you can edit a copy, then share it again.